The Ultimate Pay-Per-Download Guide

Today I’ll be explaining one method to easily make cash just from getting people to download your files. I’ll walk you through the way to register, give you a file you can download and then upload yourself, and then tell you some was you can distribute your file. Basically, I’m doing all the hard word and going to give you an introduction on an easy way to make a few extra dollars for anything from lunc to even garnering some start-up cash for a website with your own paid domain.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Register at ShareCash by clicking here. They pay a decent amount per download (I’ve personally managed $0.10 to $1.60) and they also pay about $5 for each “Premium User” that register via your download link.
  2. For this guide, we will be distributing a guide that runs people through this very method in order to get some money to buy in-game points in a game called Mafia Wars. You can download the guide here. (Note: You have to be registered on this site in order to access the download.)
  3. Once that’s down, go back to ShareCash, log in and click on the ‘Uploads’ button on the left-hand side. You’ll then use the uploader to upload the same guide you just downloaded. Once it’s download, go to the ‘Uploads Manager’, mouse over your newly uploaded file, click Details, and then copy the file url. That’s how people will download your file and how you’ll get credited for when they do.
  4. This is the hardest and most crucial part of the entire guide: Find a way to make users download your file. This can be done in a multitude of ways. For example, if you have a large group on Facebook with many Mafia Wars players, you can distribute this guide as a “Free Godfather Points Guide.”

That’s absolutely all there is to it! You can repeat this formula for any files you have redistributable rights to. If you have a set of wallpapers, for example, you can upload them in a zip file and share them. I will note that if you run a website, give your users an option of whether or not they want to download with ShareCash. The reason for this is that in order to download a file off ShareCash, your user will need to fill out a CPA offer (akin to the ads you get when you visit websites) or have a premium user account.

Enjoy! And remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Pay-Per-Download systems. You can make as much money as the number of people you get to download your files.

One Response to The Ultimate Pay-Per-Download Guide

  1. Tibia says:

    I have tried it and I didn’t like it that much.
    They pay good, they do, but dooh, users have to fill like 4-5 surveys before they can download the file. You can setup such system yourself and get 100% of the survey cut instead of the smaller portion.

    But yes it works.

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